Electric car charging station in Sanremo

Electric car charging station in Sanremo

Des Anglais adheres to the Ponente Ligure program, Destination Charging by Tesla and Porsche Destination Charging and thanks to the multiple charging stations for electric cars, compatible with all car models, it is able to satisfy the needs of travelers who decide to travel in an ecological way.

The hotel makes rechargeable stations available free of charge only for Guests who own Tesla and Porsche cars. The relative connectors of 11 kW each will allow up to 100 km of additional autonomy for each hour of charging. Charging can be done during the day or at night, depending on your needs and with maximum safety.

However, the connectors are compatible with any electric vehicle. For information and costs, contact the reception staff

For more information, please visit the pages Porsche Destination Charging and Supercharger Tesla

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