Excursion Sanremo surroundings

Excursion Sanremo surroundings

The Grand Hotel & Des Anglais suggests you some destinations to organize your trip outside the city, alternate the ”taste of the sea“ with the nature and culture of the Ligurian Alps to satisfy your desire to explore.
Some nice villages to visit are:

BUSSANA VECCHIA, about 10km from Sanremo, named the Artist's Village, is an ancient medieval village abandoned at the end of the 19th century following a very strong earthquake that destroyed the city, and was rehabilitated only by a Ceramist and other artists in the mid-20th century they created a living art laboratory. Walking among the ancient stone houses of the village, you can still see the manor's remains and immagine past life. Very characteristics, the ”carrugi“ deserve to be visited, just like the parish of Sant'Antonio Abate, San Giorgio Church and the new 3D Visionarium, a 3D room that projects documentaries of naturalistic interst. 

DOLCEACQUA, about 22Km from Sanremo the medieval treasure of the Val Nervia, is an ideal destination for a day trip immersed in the nature and peace of the village. Its characteristic medieval bridge, which separates the old city with its castle and village, from the modern one is the setting for a breathtaking view. Very characteristics, the ”carrugi“ deserve to be visited, just like the parish of Sant'Antonio Abate, San Giorgio Church and the new 3D Visionarium, a 3D room that projects documentaries of naturalistic interst. 

TRIORA: About 80Km from Sanremo it's a beautiful medieval village, into the Argentina Valley which owes its name to ”Tria-Ora“ (three mouths) indicating the three main local products (grain, vine and chestnut). Famous for the tragic Inquisitorial Process, between 1587 and 1589 it is nicknamed Village of witches.
Important is also MOLINI DI TRIORA, characterised by small medieval burgs that originally were the ”Granaio del Repubblicad di Genova“. Infact this zone was used to grind the grain through the mills that abounded in that area. The famous bread of Triora comes right from here and people make it like they used. 

TAGGIA: Along the Riviera dei Fiori you can visit the medieval village of Taggia about 10Km from Sanremo and that is part of the best circuit of the villages in Italy. The old village, well preserved, develops on a hill and offers lots to see. The simbol of Taggia is the old roman bridge with 15 arches located over the Argentina stream. Than there is also Soleri Street on which overlook several residences dating back the end of 400 and 500.

BADALUCCO: about 20Km from Sanremo is located in the middle Argentina Valley within walking distance of Taggia. The old medieval village built along the stream presents stypical stone houses in narrow alleyways, ”carrugi“ and small squares. Characteristics are the two medieval bridges located on entering or leaving of the village.

APRICALE: about 27Km from Sanremo the medieval village is located in the interland of Bordighera into the Valley of Merdanzo stream, affluent of Nervia, 13 Km from the coast Riviera di Ponente. The village is characterised by the presence of original murals, modern artists' afrescoes that revitalize the walls and contribute to identify the municipality as ”artists' village“. Moreover on the access route are still visible the old sinks covered by barrel vaults.

BAJARDO: about 20Km from Sanremo, Bajardo is certainly one of the most beautiful villages of the Liguria and the highest town, with its 900m above sea level, of the Imperia province. Infact the city hall is located at 910m of altitude. The village is a rural building with environmental and architectural characteristics typical of the villages in Liguria: stone, narrow streets and arches are the master.

IMPERIA: about 36Km from Sanremo is an Italian municipality, capital of the homonymous province in Liguria which includes the inhabitants of Oneglia and Porto Maurizio. Oneglia, to the east, is the largest part of the town on the left of the mouth of the stream Impero gathering around Piazza Dante from which open some of the principal modern streets of the town. Porto Maurizio to the west of the Impero stream expands on the coastline strip mostly residential and turistic.

CERVO: about 42Km from Sanremo, Cervo is an old village with medieval origin strategically born on a hill. The old town, is still the same with its stone structure and alleys that can only be crossed on foot. The highest point of the centre is then occupied by the Clavesana Castle. But Cervo is a village that also hides some secrets.

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