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Excursion Sanremo surroundings

Excursion Sanremo surroundings

The Grand Hotel & Des Anglais suggests you some destinations to organize your trip outside the city, alternate the "taste of the sea" with the nature and culture of the Ligurian Alps to satisfy your desire to explore.

KM ZERO:BUSSANA VECCHIA, a few km from Sanremo, named the Artist's Village, is an ancient medieval village abandoned at the end of the 19th century following a very strong earthquake that destroyed the city, and was rehabilitated only by a Ceramist and other artists in the mid-20th century they created a living art laboratory.

DOLCEACQUA, medieval treasure of the Val Nervia, is an ideal destination for a day trip immersed in the nature and peace of the village. Its characteristic medieval bridge, which separates the old city with its castle and village, from the modern one is the setting for a breathtaking view.